Origami Heart (平裝)
原 價
NT$ 385 元
NT$ 308 元
NT$ 289
產品尺寸:20 X 20CM/平裝


Kabuki是隻可愛又很棒(但有點龜毛)的兔子男孩,他喜歡每件事都依照他的想要的樣子井然有序。有天他的朋友Yoko說要來拜訪他,於是Kabuki從早上就開始打扮,接著又去市場買最好的食物,找對稱的花,他甚至把蘿蔔都切成愛心。(我猜Kabuki應該暗戀Yoko。) 可是Yoko那天並沒有赴約,她寫了封信向Kabuki道歉。失望(又帶有生氣)極了的Kabuki把別在胸前的愛心紙卡拿下,他折了個紙飛機,奮力往窗外一丟。而這時一隻正要回家的甜美兔子女孩剛好經過,拾起了Kabuki的心…
所以下一次有人傷了你的心,別忘了把受傷的心往外丟,因為你永遠不知道,也許你的Mr. /Miss Right正在下個轉角等著你。


If someone has broken your heart, all you need to do now is throw your broken heart out to the bustling street below.
Kabuki is a lovely neat rabbit boy, he likes everything to be just so. One day, his friend Yoko was coming to visit. Kabuki dressed carefully from the morning, he went to the market for preparing perfect meals and flowers for Yoko, he even diced the carrots and radishes into exact HEART shapes. ( I think Kabuki was crushing on Yoke) But Yoko did not come that evening, she wrote a letter to Kabuki and told him she could not come today. Kabuki felt disappointed (with anger, I think), he unpinned his heart patch from his chest and folded it into a paper plan, then, threw it out to the bustling city below. But meanwhile, down in the street, there was a dainty bunny girl just on her way home, she caught Kabuki’s heart…
So next time someone breaks your heart, don’t forget to throw your broken heart away, you never know maybe your Mr. /Miss Right is waiting for you in the next corner.